James Goodlet


James founded Altereco Design in 2006 and has grown and led his practice through 12 years of building and design services. Hailing from 4th generation builders James has a sound construction knowledge and understanding of traditional and innovative building methods. These traits have been passed on and have been adapted to the earlier stages of design and documentation.

With an arts focused education James was always more comfortable with a pencil than a hammer! Personally involved in the design, documentation and construction phase of all Altereco’s projects, James ensures that he takes the time to understand each client at the preliminary design stage, which is imperative to providing solid foundation to begin the design process.

James graduated in 1997 from NMIT with an Advanced Diploma in Building Design (Architectural).


Melanie Hustler 


Interior Designer & Architectural Draftswomen

Mel is part of the furniture at Altereco Design; joining James as an Architectural Draftsperson in 2010. Mel believes collaborating with our clients on their home is an honour - and thrives when working on new and exciting projects, she enjoys the challenges and opportunities that each project presents.

Mel is constantly reading and searching for ways to learn and develop and is our resident encyclopedia when it comes to materials, finishes, products.

Although her interest lies in interior design Mel has a sound understanding and knowledge of building codes and standards, and works on projects from conception to final documentation ensuring quality, accuracy and design integrity. Mel also acts as James’ right hand women and mentors our designers throughout the design and documentation process.

"Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives".

- William A. Foster


Jordan Falla 


Architectural Draftsman

Jordan spent his early years shifting around the city as a hospitality guru, having spent time labouring for builders, landscape gardeners and for the Melbourne Metro. Realising that it wasn't for him, he set his sights on the Advanced Diploma of Building Design (Architectural) at Victoria University.

Jordan joined Altereco part time, working his way through his studies, which were a breeze due to the knowledge he was receiving at Altereco. Since starting full time in 2017, Jordan has grown his understanding of how things are built, and the best (and most beautiful) way of doing this!


Sam Rowlands 


Architectural Draftsman

Sam is our office Kiwi. Sam graduated with an Advanced Diploma in Building Design (Architectural), including an award for Best Environmentally Sustainable Building Design. This is what gets him out of bed in the morning; all things sustainable, especially within residential building design. This has led to an interest in the Passive House movement and self-sufficiency opportunities of the future.

Sam enjoys being involved in all aspects of a project from sketch design through to completion and all the hurdles in between. His favourite moments are when collaborating on sketches with James during those ‘lightbulb’ moments when the design ideas come to life!



Rob John 


Architectural Draftsman

Rob is our resident pommie; with 5 years experience working in both the UK and Australia. He joined the Altereco team in 2017 and enjoys getting involved early in the design stage and seeing projects through from concept to completion.

Rob graduated in 2013 with  BSc (Hons) in Architectural Technology.


Anna Kilpatrick 



Gun Architecture Intern

Anna assembles presentation packages for our clients, helping to prepare sketch designs, inspiration boards and photo studies to help bring your design to life. Anna loves collaborating with the design team to find solutions for design problems and believes it is of prime importance to always return to the needs of the client so that the design is functional specifically for you.

Anna is currently undertaking a Masters of Architecture at the University of Melbourne, so when she’s not pulling all-nighters she’s helping out at the Altereco office.


Claire Thomas 


Client Liaison & Marketing Coordinator

Claire is our Client and Project Manager. She hails from a client relations background. After spending over 10 years in the athletic footwear industry Claire finally decided to apply her skill sets and 10 + years of client management experience to the family business, and joined her husband James in 2017.

Claire is in constant communication with our clients throughout the design and documentation stages - and works in collaboration our lead designer James to ensure each project is kept on track and running smoothly.

Claire is also responsible for keeping our website and our Instagram feed looking fresh, and liaises with photographers and journalists for media releases and marketing opportunities.

Claire is relieved to report that her and James are still happily married. 


Casey Malady 


Multi-tasking Ninja

Casey's career started in Creative Arts. Her administration background began as a part-time volunteer assisting the Managing Director of Big Brothers, Big Sisters Australia. Casey currently wears a few hats as she owns and operates her own small business whilst being heavily involved with her family business of property development.

We are lucky enough to steal Casey for 2 days a week, where she will send you invoices and track you down until you pay them.

“I like money... I have a little.... I like to keep it in a jar on my refrigerator.... I'd like to put more in that jar - That's where you come in.” The Wedding Singer.


Cooper Thomas 


Office Dog

Cooper is our resident office dog, his responsibilities include scaring the postie and keeping up office morale.

Cooper describes himself as a foodie and enjoys taking long walks on the beach.