contract administration


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in a nutshell

We can act as an administrator throughout the construction of the project to ensure the end result complies with the architectural drawings and terms of the building contract. Depending on your preferred method of contract administration we have 3 options:

Contract Administrator

We have the ability to act as an administrator through the construction of your project and will attend regular site meetings and keep you up to speed on the progress and cost of your project. 


Should you require our expertise and advice without wanting commit to our full administration service we offer a set number of site visits and consultations

As requested

We can be available to assist with queries you or your builder may have, attend site meetings or respond to issues on an as-needs basis.


let's break it down

  • Prepare building permit package and submit with Building Surveyor
  • Amendments for building permit
  • Site visits
  • Support for client and builder during construction
  • Additional drawings and amendments as required
  • Defects inspection and report
  • Issue 'as built' drawings