We have a lovely little space conveniently positioned in the front window of our office that we have affectionately named our 'Makers Corner'. The intention behind this space is to showcase local products by local like-minded creatives. Our Makers Corner is a 'no strings attached', 'no commission taken' kinda set up. We're just grateful to have beautiful things fill this little corner. If you're a local Maker and would like to get involved then don't be shy: either email  us on or drop in and say g'day. 

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Design and furniture are Luke's passion. As a boy, he remembers lying in bed and gazing up at a wooden lining. Grain and knots became patterns and shapes. Designs took form. Timber and tools also shaped his childhood, since his father was a builder. Growing up in the bush north of Melbourne likewise taught Luke an appreciation for the natural world.

Leaving school to become a carpenter, he worked for many years on domestic building sites. Although he loved my trade, Luke found the amount of wastage disturbing. This is especially true in home renovations where discarded materials, ‘diamonds’ in Luke's eyes, were consigned to landfill. Luke became an avid recycler and forager. And his enthusiasm for salvaging the unwanted grew, he noted how the building industry was becoming dull and generic. Houses and furniture were mostly built without love and originality. Time and cost-cutting had replaced soul and beauty.

Luke's journey into furniture making began the day his hot water system died. As he examined the broken-down cylinder, the seemingly ordinary suddenly opened up so many extraordinary ideas and design possibilities. This was Luke's eureka moment - unusual shapes and forms fused with a love for recycling and the crafting of furniture.

Today he still looks for unusual lines, shapes and patterns, as he did as a boy, though in the course of building beautiful, functional furniture. Luke strives to imbue each piece with the respect he has for a particular material and the appreciation he has for its history. It is Luke's hope that each unique piece showcases remarkable objects and timber lovingly reworked and given new life.

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west wood furniture

West Wood are makers of quality furniture and joiner. Dan and the team strive for perfection with every piece they produce. Believing that good design combined with good quality materials and craftsmanship will create a long lasting timeless addition to any home or workplace. Their mission is to bring great ideas to life and do it well.

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Curious grace is a leading furniture and interiors retailer representing quality, 100% original design (no replica) intended to support the creative talent of designers throughout the world.

They have a carefully selected collection of living, dining and bedroom furniture & home accessory pieces, coffee tables, side tables and much more including boutique lighting, floor and table lamps, cushions& floor rugs.

Their staff are industry professionals with many years of interior styling, design and furniture experience.  

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