Pre-purchase design appraisal


don’t buy a lemon!

This service is applicable to prospective buyers that intend to renovate and/or extend to the sale property in the near future.

If you understand the value of a small investment in a building inspection prior purchase, then why not consider a similar investment in a design service that will help understand the feasibility of your master plan?

Our intention is not to convince you to buy a property, we just believe that our services can help you make an informed decision as to whether a particular property is adaptable for your aspirations ...or are you in fact buying a lemon?!


Our services include

  • Site inspection

  • Diagram of opportunities and constraints

  • Diagram of concept

  • Planning and Building Assessment

  • Formulated Project Brief with construction cost analysis

  • External consultants guide & likely additional costs

our services will

  • Identify opportunities and constraints with the property

  • Evaluate the overall development financial viability

  • Advise on planning and building restrictions applicable to the site

  • Develop a construction budget based on the buyers brief OR

  • Develop a brief based on the buyers construction budget


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